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Girls Trampoline competiton leotard 

LC7A2188A  LC7A2197A

Girls Gymnastics competition leotard 

  LC7A2218ALC7A2220A LC7A2214A

Boys Gymnastics/ Trampoline leotard and shorts 

LC7A2202A Girls training leotard in green LC7A2200A

   LC7A2209AWith lycra Shorties in black

LC7A2205Aor velvet EGTC Shorties in blackLC7A2207A


   LC7A2166AGirls training leotard in black

 LC7A2212AWith lycra Shorties in green



EGTC gymnastics/Trampoline T-Shirt in sparkle or matt



(All apparel comes with Gymnast/ Trampoline print and shooting star as standard, but you can add name personalisaton for an extra £3)



LC7A2244A LC7A2247A

                                                              EGTC Jumper


 LC7A2251A LC7A2256A

                                                               EGTC Hoodie


 LC7A2257A LC7A2262A

                                                        EGTC slouchie jumper


 LC7A2267A LC7A2270A

                                                             EGTC Hair bows