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Neon Competition 11th June

(November 19, 2017)

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Neon Competition today, we had some fantastic results!

Willow- 3rd

Zachary- 2nd

Ruby-May- 2nd

Jamie-Leigh- 6th rosette

Evie- 5th rosette

Sophie- 6th rosette

Finn- 1st

Hannah- 6th rosette

Robert- 5th rosette

Jake- 4th rosette

Elizabeth- 1st

Congratulations also to Megan, Poppy, Sindy, Ananya, Jenna, Matilda, Louise, Amy, Holly, Annabel, Darcie, Katie, Justine, Demetra, Evie, Angelina, Maayan, Niamh, Isabelle, Grace

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