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Coronavirus update 2

(March 17, 2020)




Dear Parent/ Carer,


By now, you are most likely aware that the government has advised more stringent measures to try and kerb the spread of coronavirus. This includes avoiding non-essential social contact. This is quite an ambiguous statement and means different things to different people.


The UK government has not yet imposed closures on schools and clubs. The British Gymnastics Association (of which we are a member), have not yet advised or imposed closure (correct at time of writing). The Rainbow Centre (under the GLL umbrella) have not yet closed their centre.


Therefore, we have taken the decision to remain open for this Saturday and allow parents to decide whether they would like their children to attend or not.


We recently sent out communications regarding measures we are currently taking, which includes regular hand washing/ sanitising,  asking parents to ensure their children’s hands are washed before and after class, good handwashing if they go to the toilet during lessons, providing tissues and a bin, equipment sanitising, holding regular coaches meetings, and asking anyone with a persistent cough or temperature not to come to class.


We are implementing a further measure this week to minimise face to face contact:


  1. To avoid anyone having to wait in the corridor, we will have a staff member bringing the children in as they arrive. (so, this will even be before their class officially starts), as we want the children of the following class to be inside the hall and parents gone, before the previous class is dismissed, ready for collection by their parents.
  2. We will put the children in separate lines in their groups, adequately spaced apart. There will be NO group warm up.
  3. The children will be taken by their coach to a piece of apparatus where they will brief to their group about the importance of keeping good distances and ‘keeping their hands to themselves’ etc.
  4. They will rotate around the apparatus keeping safe distances from other groups, and we will keep the group sizes as small as possible.
  5. When their class finishes, we will bring the groups over one by one to be dismissed.


We fully understand if you choose not to bring your child in on Saturday.


I will advise ASAP if / what changes there may be for the following two Saturdays’ when we would naturally have broken up for Easter.


With Very Best Wishes,




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